MS Edge - disable auto HTTPS for localhost
edge browser security

How to disable automatic redirect to HTTPS for localhost.
May 17, 2023

Notes: JMeter and Azure Load Testing
azure jmeter load-testing

A couple of notes from working with JMeter and the Azure Load Testing service.
November 1, 2022

How to call the Azure Cosmos DB REST API with C#
azure api

Authentication, request parameters and a few catches to not forget when calling the Cosmos DB API from C#.
June 23, 2022

Logitech Brio webcam, Windows Hello and closed lid
windows-11 webcam

How to configure Windows 11 to use a USB camera for Windows Hello even when the laptop lid is closed. This method deals with Intune device settings using Windows Task Scheduler.
May 3, 2022

Key Vault secrets not updating in .NET when using Kubernetes CSI driver
.NET Azure KeyVault Kubernetes

How to enable file system polling to make a .NET application automatically reload secrets, which were provided by the Kubernetes CSI driver as files.
April 11, 2022

Automating Azure AD B2C creation with Terraform
azure b2c terraform

Trying to create and provision a B2C tenant with just Terraform. How far can I get?
January 13, 2022

Update Redirect URIs from Azure DevOps
azure b2c azure-devops powershell

Automatically updating Redirect URIs of an application registered in Azure AD B2C, from Azure DevOps pipeline, with PowerShell Core.
November 30, 2021

Automating Azure AD B2C creation with PowerShell Core
azure b2c powershell

How to create a B2C tenant with a script, end-to-end including custom attributes, user flows and application registrations.
November 26, 2021

VS Code performance checklist
vs-code performance extensions

Some things to look at when dealing with poor performance of Visual Studio Code.
November 1, 2021

Azure B2C custom user attributes with PowerShell Core
azure b2c powershell

How to create an Azure AD B2C user with custom attribute using PowerShell Core.
September 29, 2021